I like things simple. I’ve had the same girl friend for almost forty years, wear blue jeans whenever possible and try treat others as I would like to be treated. I like to remember short quotes as guidelines to manage my attitude and actions to help maintain this simplicity. Unfortunately, I do complicate some things and find myself in uncomfortable situations or circumstances asking myself how and why and asking others for forgiveness? One of the the short quotes I really like is “Do to others what you would have them do to you” it’s a Bible quote found in Matthew 7:12 very short but broad in covering all aspects of life. It’s best know as “The Golden Rule” because it can relate to so much of our lives. Family, friends and business associates benefit, regardless how close or casual, this rule can apply if we choose. It’s a simple quote easy to remember and share, applied to your life actually helps to perpentuate simplicity.

Examples; we all like the trueth, we want our family and friends especially to tell us the trueth and not to lie to us. As a parent I always told our children to tell the trueth and we’ll deal with it. One lie requires another to cover up the last one and so on which leads to another quote “honesty is the best policy”.In other words, I don’t lilke to be lied to or cheated so I won’t lie or cheat anyone else. We also like others to communicate with us if there is a change of plans, we’re running late or we need an update personal or business. Is it necessary probably not however, what would we want if we were on the other end? Some communication is always appreciated takes very little effort and keeps our lives simple.We also all like to be appreciated so why not show real sincere appreciation for others? Be creative and make an effort to reachout and show sincere appreciation to family, friends, co-workers, clerks, attendants and all those you come in contact on a daily basis. It’s simple, it will lower your stress and improve your quality of life.

Simple quote “”Do to others what you would have them do to you” if appied will help your life to become simple as it lowers your stress and improves all your relationships.

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