Monthly Archives: September 2012

Never give up

Never give up! Until your very last breath never give up, there is always hope … things will work out and get better. How? By having faith and believing in a source of power greater than ours. That can be hard to understand and difficult to accept, that’s why it’s called faith. If we see […]


Make a difference in your world, impact others positively, be encouraging and don’t stop! It’s very easy to develop an attitude that by ourselves we can’t make a difference I beg to differ and suggest just the opposite. I know too many people that have taken their passions and turned them into a great source of […]

Remember the Gazelle

I read a motivational poster a few years ago that stated ” Every morning a Gazelle wakes up in the morning and knows it must run faster that the slowest Lion and every morning the Lion wakes up and knows it must run faster than the slowest Gazelle both for survival.”  This poster was printed to hang […]