Remember the Gazelle

I read a motivational poster a few years ago that stated ” Every morning a Gazelle wakes up in the morning and knows it must run faster that the slowest Lion and every morning the Lion wakes up and knows it must run faster than the slowest Gazelle both for survival.”  This poster was printed to hang in an office or business area to help motivate people to understand the competitve world of providing products or services. It’s been a great motivational tool and one that has stuck with me for a very long time not only for work but also on a personal level. What has stuck with me the most is the point that both the Gazelle and Lion must never slow down to the point of being prey or not have the ability to catch their prey. In either case the outcome is not good, dangerous and life threatening. 

Our lives can be very similar with moods of depression, pity parties and isolation we slow down to the point of not wanting to be around others. We fall prey to moments of deeper depression, bigger pity parties and greater isolation – this is dangerous and not good… remember the Gazelle! When the Gazelle starts to feel a sense of danger it runs, jumps and darts away as quickly as possible to avoid the gripping jaws of its greatest enemy the Lion.

When I feel that danger of depression or a pity party coming on I start moving both physically and mentally which has the tendancy to help me emotionally. What I’ve learned is the more active I am physically such as walking, swimming and exercising – I sleep better – chemically, my body is better balanced -ultimately resulting in feeling better. I move, go and start doing something, I get off my butt and away from the television and computer and interact with real people! I get around others who are up beat and like to talk about the good in life.

I move mentally as well by having an attitude of thankfulness. I start by thanking God for my health. Do I have some health issues? Sure just like everyone else but the health that I do have I’m very thankful for because it could be alot worse. I’m thankful for my wife and children and their health. For shelter, food, employment, church, family, friends, transportation, the sun and moon etc. The list is endless, therfore I continue to be thankful until emotionally my mood is one of happiness and a smile appears on my face.

Remember the Gazelle!

Get up and Go!

It works!

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