We all have them from the time we’re born until the day we die. When we were young we had little crisis, remember elementary school when you missed the school bus or forgot your permission slip to go on a field trip? At the time it was a crisis but fortunately one we all lived through and adjusted quickly. As a teenager you probably remember your first date that flopped, a not so good school event, a job you were fired from or your first car accident all bigger crisis. The list grows the older we get, life is full of crisis and if you’ve been fortunate enough to dodge some of the bigger ones consider yourself blessed.

 If you’re mature and have a few years behind you I’m sure you’ve experienced a crisis or two that really rocked your world! It happens… hopefully you were able to get through it with the help from friends and family. I remember when my dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor twenty years ago and needed surgery. His doctor told us the tumor was probably not malignant however, brain surgery is risky and we should get his personal business in order prior to surgery. Let me tell you this rocked my world! I still remember praying with him before surgery and telling him how much I loved him just in case we never spoke again. Fortunately it went well that time, then two years later he had another brain tumor that required surgery and this time the outcome was less than good leaving him with a stroke and paralysis on his left side.  Again my world was rocked! Thankfully, I have a very supportive wife and believed in the power of prayer which helped me through the crisis.

 Having our individual worlds upset and at times actually rocked is normal. The emotional impact to us may vary depending on the circumstances and our faith. As we go through these crises we grow and as we pray and experience God’s comfort our faith also grows. I’m still amazed when God shows up in a circumstance that has rocked my world and calms all my anxiety by flooding my heart with peace. It’s like I hear his voice saying it’s all going to be just fine trust me and I do and it turns out fine. I’m not saying it’s always easy or this calmness comes in one hour or even in one day I’m just saying it does come. God is good no he’s very good and he loves you and me in good times, crisis and even when our worlds are rocked!

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