Thirty-five years later

I can’t believe it… thirty-five year wedding anniversary! Where has the time gone? We all have heard that as we age the time seems to speed up, well I can’t agree more. Thirty-five years is a long time to be married and definitely a milestone to be thankful. I say thankful because it takes more than one person to achieve such a milestone.

To be honest when Carla and I made those vows we understood what we were saying but didn’t understand fully what they meant.  We vowed to stay together and I mean married through “sickness and health, good times and bad until death do you part” to God with 150 witnesses. During the health and good times it’s pretty easy; it’s during the sickness and bad times when we are tested. It’s when we’re sick, exhausted, anxious, unemployed and financially strapped when running away looks like the best alternative.

Well we made it so for thanks to many answered prayers because we fortunately included God the day we wed and kept him in the mix ever since. We’ve been blessed with two children, family, friends, church and careers. Like a lot of you we’ve experienced some sickness and financial disappointments but overall no complaints. Have there been some tears shed?  Did we experience moments of anxiety? Were there ever words spoken that hurt and we regretted? Times when we had to ask for forgiveness? Yes to all these!

 After spending fifteen minutes with me you would realize I’m far from perfect. But for the grace of God and a very understanding wife I would be single. I have issues (don’t we all?) which means I’m a little hard headed,  I blame my mom and dad and grandparents because they’ll all German decedents and my mom always said Germans are very stubborn.  I have attention problems never diagnosed by a medical person other than my wife but I have to agree it’s difficult for me to sit still. I do have an opinion about most things and share them even when not asked. I enjoy talking so much that I’ve been accused of talking to a fence post because there was no one else to talk to. Issues, yes I have my fair share and my wife still chose to stay with me all these years.

 We’ve enjoyed many blessings, a lot of laughs and many moments of joy and happiness. I’m grateful for all the difficult moments because it’s helped me to really enjoy all the good times. Spending thirty-five years with your best friend, laughing and crying together, having a family together, worshiping God together and growing old together is how I always dreamed life would be –—– ‘I’m living the Dream”!

 Dave Heyl

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