Bridge Builder


Bridge Builder

I live in the St. Louis, Missouri area and we have a new bridge under construction that spans over the Mississippi River. This bridge has been on the drawing board for many years and is a joint venture between Illinois and Missouri. It was needed ten years ago but due to its size, cost and politics had a very difficult time getting from the drawing board to construction. The construction finally started and the bridge should be completed in 2014. Fortunately many years ago someone or a group from MODOT or IDOT determined the need and started the process for a new bridge and I’m sure it took some effort, energy, desire and political connections. To build takes foresight, planning, energy, hard work, time and persistence.

It just so happens on the western side of St. Louis on the Missouri River a bridge is being rebuilt and requires some demolition work. This week in a few hours, half the bridge was destroyed and fell into the river signaling the beginning of the demolition process. Watching the bridge fall into the river in a matter of seconds, a portion of the bridge which probably took months to build is a good reminder of how easy it is to destroy something. To demolish or destroy something always takes less planning, time and usually a lot less energy.

Relationships are very similar, unfortunately I’ve seen my share of relationships deteriorate or be destroyed quickly due to assumptions, words or actions. To destroy a relationship takes little effort and if we’re not careful can happen unintentionally. Conversely, to build a relationship takes time, energy, effort and persistence. It takes a personal commitment and desire to build a bridge to that person. Just like the new bridge spanning the Mississippi with a vision, good planning and good intentions a bridge can be built for any relationship. Be a bridge builder!

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