Emancipation 2013

dads montana pics 004January 1, 2013

Today we celebrate 150 years since the “Emancipation Declaration” was signed and placed into law.
I recently saw the movie “Lincoln” and was moved feeling very proud of being an American and sad at the same time. I was proud because of the freedom we all have and the battles fought over the past centuries to gain and maintain our freedom. I was sad because I realize that today’s political climate is all about taking away our freedoms and regulating every citizen to the tenth degree. The “Emancipation Declaration” was signed with the purpose of freedom and declaring that ALL men are created equal. Let’s continue to fight for our freedoms, as a nation, we need to stand up and elect representatives who share our dreams and goals of independence and personal rights. The USA is a great country made up of people of all races with different political, religious and personal views. Our differences are what we all have in common which makes us a great country.
So much for politics… let’s talk about emotional freedom. Why do we insist on carrying so much emotional baggage? When we travel our entire luggage is on wheels designed purposely to lighten the load and make walking faster and easier. Once we’re in the airport every piece is moved by cart or conveyor so we enjoy our traveling experience and come back. Emotional scars can be extremely burdensome and limiting similar to travel baggage they can feel bulky and heavy minimizing our full potential.
In 1862 President Lincoln basically said the time has come, the Civil War was being fought, men and women were dying, family and country were dysfunctional, he put his foot down and said now is the time to end slavery and I won’t accept anything less! It took hard work and many difficult decisions but his determination prevailed and slavery was defeated once and for all.
I’m encouraging you to put your foot down and say today is the start of your personal “Emancipation” and end being a slave and get free. Quit hauling all the emotional baggage from one day to the next. Start dropping the bags one at a time. If they don’t improve your day or mood or outlook drop them. What happen yesterday, last month or last year is in the past which is a good place to leave it. Take a deep breathe and let it go, focus and put your all into the day, when you do, the day will repay giving you great results.

Start fresh and improve your body, mind and soul. Eat better, exercise, let go of the past and start reading the Bible. Emancipation!

Proverbs 3:1 “My son, do not forget my teaching, but keep my commands in your heart, for they will prolong your life many years and bring you prosperity.”


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