Marriage Key

dads pics 012Marriage Key

Biloxi, Mississippi it was a beautiful afternoon, the temperature was 70 degrees, my wife and I were sitting in andiron back chairs on the front porch of an 1850 antebellum plantation home that was converted to Biloxi’s Visitor’s Center. In late January my wife and I will always take advantage of an opportunity to bask in the sun when it’s 70 degrees and there is a slight ocean breeze. While we were on the front porch we had a captivating view of the Gulf of Mexico when we noticed a red jeep wrangler pull into the parking lot, park and a young airman in uniform step out and walk up the steps. As he stepped up to the porch a gentleman in his sixties who was sitting in a chair enjoying the afternoon extended a handshake and visited with the airman. They were on the other side of the porch so it was impossible to hear the conversation so I assumed the older man was thanking the airman for his service and possibly sharing a story since they visited for some time. The airman eventually went inside and the older gentleman got up and headed our way to exit the porch, as he approached us he smiled and said hello and we commented what a beautiful day it was and he said the airman was waiting for his fiancée and family as they were getting married this very afternoon. I took the opportunity to ask him if he gave the airman any advice and laughing said did you warn him about marriage? Quickly I said I was just kidding introduced myself and my wife and said we’ve been happily married for a long time and that’s how our conversation got started.
He asked how long and I stated thirty-five years. He then said I’ve been married several times, if you don’t mind me asking, what has been the secret to your success. My wife and I both looked at each other and without hesitation I said we are Christians and the glue that has held us together has always been God.
My wife assured him that it’s not always been easy however, quitting was never an option.
I’m writing this blog not to toot my horn about our long marriage but instead making a statement that without God in our marriage we would not have a marriage. I take that for granite many times and a discussion with a total stranger reminded me of one of the many benefits of having a relationship with Jesus Christ. When our marriage is stressed and the pressures of life are taking their toll I read the Bible for encouragement and pray. Applying what I’ve read is the key! Usually I discover my own faults and my eyes are open to see my own selfish behavior. Then I pray, ask for forgiveness if needed and make a conscience effort to do better. Marriage is a real blessing designed by God so when times become challenging it only makes sense to go to the designer’s manual to look for answers to help work through the challenges. I highly recommend this to all couples.


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